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Clean Cutter Tiller & Flail Blades has been owned and operated by George K. Clark since 1963 when Ken, as he is known by his customers, family and friends, started the business in San Bernardino, California. Ken is known for his reputation as a down-to-earth, hard-working businessman with a tremendous sense of humor.

During the early years of establishing his business, Ken worked long and hard hours, traveling throughout the United States to market his line of tiller blades. Initially starting with only three different types of tiller blades, Clean Cutter Tiller & Flail Blades now distributes over 200 types of tiller and flail blades.

Ken is proud Clean Cutter Tiller & Flail Blades has grown from a one-man operation to a work force which now includes many family members. The various family members Clean Cutter Tiller & Flail blades employs includes his daughter, Shannon (click here to see Shannon's first order) his son, Michael and his wife, Sheila, his nephew Joe Vasquez and grandson Cody.

Ken considers all employees of Clean Cutter Tiller and Flail Blades family. Other employee family members include Al Perez and Tito Costakes.

Ken and his wife, Rachel, have worked together to develop product catalogs which provide a comprehensive listing of Clean Cutter Tiller & Flail Blades’ product lines. Ken and Rachel urge you to contact them, Shannon or Sheila to receive a catalog today.

Ken, seeking to provide the most durable and reliable blades, works closely with his manufacturers to ensure the finest quality in the products he sells throughout the United States and all over the world.

Ken maintains a very active life and has no plans to retire any time soon. Instead, he plans to continue to work as hard as he did when he first launched his business. Ken has always believed the key to Clean Cutter's success was, and still is, to provide quality products, at competitive prices with personal customer service to continue meeting customer needs.

Clean Cutter Tiller & Flail Blades has enjoyed sustained growth over the past 50 years with Ken's business philosophy. As the company founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ken still takes great delight in personally calling on customers to deliver blades or as he would say, "I enjoy calling on my customers and just shooting the bull".

Contact Clean Cutter today by emailing Clean Cutter at or call us at (909) 889-4084 or (800) 345-2335, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard time.

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Clean Cutter looks forward to satisfying your tiller and flail blade needs today and in the future. Ken looks forward to "Shooting the bull" with you soon, as well!

To Order Call Toll Free (800) 345-2335 or email at

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